Flower Show

Children’s Flower and Vegetable Show

Time to think spring! Start planning now to get your kids involved in planting seeds in flower beds and gardens this spring. You can order a variety of seeds for flowers, vegetables, and herbs right now.  Orders are due Monday February 12th, 2024.

Please fill out the order form found below and mail it along with a check made out to Kristina Snider,  4127 Boca Trail, Fort Wayne, IN 46815.

 At the end of April, I will let you know when the seeds are available along with a free plant for your child in kindergarten through 4th grade. You do not need to order seeds to participate, you can just sign your child(ren)up to receive the FREE plant. 

To receive the free plant, send me an email at kristinasnider16@gmail.com letting me know how many free plants you would like.

For those who have never participated in the flower and vegetable show, it is open to all children in the Fort Wayne area, grades K through 4. All children who participate will get a free plant to take home and grow throughout the summer. Your child(ren) may grow the seeds that you ordered and bring back a variety of the things they have grown for the homeschool show in September.

Our show will be held on Friday, September 13th, 2024 at our home on the Northeast side of Fort Wayne. The city wide blue ribbon show will take place the following day, Saturday, September 14th, 2024, at McMillan Park Community Center.

Any of your child’s blue ribbon winners may be entered in the city-wide show. Your child may enter any plant, flower, or vegetable that was produced from the distributed plants and seeds. They can enter in any or all of the categories listed. Also, children older than 5th grade may bring back plants from previous years that they have continued to care for to be entered into our show.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, Kristina Snider, at
317-607-3839 or kristinasnider16@gmail.com