Fort Wayne

Live & Learn Fort Wayne – An inclusive home schooling group offering activities for kids and topical discussion for parents. All ages, all homeschooling styles, all faiths and secular homeschoolers welcomed.

CHAT – (Christian Homeschool Association of/for Teens) – An area wide, member run group which offers many different activities for area homeschool teenagers. Whether you would like social activities, ballroom dance classes, game nights, or free Civic Theater tickets, they have a lot to offer for a homeschool teen.

NICHE -NICHE (Northeastern Indiana Catholic Home Educators) is a local group established to support Catholic homeschooling families in the Fort Wayne and surrounding area. They provide social, service oriented opportunities, occasional field trips, Moms nights out, Graduation Mass and ceremony, and other activities. They have a monthly First Friday Mass followed by an activity.

State and National

IAHE – (Indiana Association of Home Educators) Our primary functions are maintaining visibility as home educators with civil government leaders, influencing the legislative process, and sponsoring seminars for parent education. We also publish a free bimonthly magazine, The IAHE Informer. Our statewide annual convention serves to encourage those who have been home schooling for a number of years and those who are just getting started.

IFHS Indiana Foundation for Home Schooling The mission of the Indiana Foundation for Home Schooling is to enable students to achieve their potential by providing recognition, opportunities, and resources that inspire learning and make home schooling an option for any Indiana family.

CHEO (Christian Home Educators of Ohio) Serves the home school families of Ohio and provides them with the tools to succeed.

HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Fund) – A nonprofit advocacy organization established to defend and advance the constitutional right of parents to direct the education of their children and to protect family freedoms. Through annual memberships, HSLDA is tens of thousands of families united in service together, providing a strong voice when and where needed.

Home School Foundation – The Foundation’s mission is to provide assistance to homeschooling families in need, preserve parental freedoms, promote homeschooling, and support like-minded organizations.

NATHHAN – (NATional cHallenged Homeschoolers Associated Network) – Equipping parents to raise their children with special needs or disabilities confidently.

NHERI (National Home Education Research Institute) – The mission of NHERI is threefold: 1. Produce high-quality research on home-based education. 2. Serve as a clearinghouse of research for homeschoolers, researchers, and policy makers. 3. Educate the public concerning the findings of all research on home education.

Crosswalk – Homeschool informational website